Here is what people have to say about my skills as an editor:

Cassandra’s got a diligent eye and an encouraging way of giving feedback that I’ve always appreciated. She’s helped me out with everything from broader organization of ideas, to just catching those couple typos I always manage to miss in a piece of writing no matter how many times I’ve gone over it.

Katie Staten, poet & blogger

As a writer, showing one’s work is a deeply personal decision. Previous editors that I have worked with have not had a fraction of the professionalism, knowledge, and kindness that Ms. Henken has shown towards my work. She will take the time to explain the finer points of plot development as well as grammar errors that I did not realize I was making. Ms. Henken is able to keep me on task but is also my biggest cheerleader when it comes to writing.

In the time I have worked with Ms. Henken, I have come to know her as one of the most professional editors in the field of fiction writing. Her willingness to teach and improve other’s writing is something that goes above and beyond what I initially asked of her. I have, without a doubt, the full confidence Ms. Henken is exactly the person you need for your project to succeed.

Holly Raji-Hoffman, hobby writer

Cassandra was such a great help to me in a poem that was very important to me that I get it just right. She was able to help guide me in to keeping to emotions in my work while also providing suggestions on how the poem could be improved. I absolutely trust her and will be coming back for more help!

Rachael Edwards, poet