365 Days of Haiku

I’ve embarked on another haiku challenge! This time, I’m going for 365 Days of Haiku. One haiku every day for a YEAR. It’s a bit daunting, but I’m 16 days into it so far and having a LOT of fun.

Today’s haiku is a love letter to the ocean.

Photo by Anna Pechuro from Pexels

hand me my wings, please
I need to soar over blue
and feel the ocean

breeze in my feathers
spinning a maelstrom of salt
tingling on my lips

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Street: A Tanka

Photo by Tomas Anunziata on Pexels.com

castles in the street
foundations of fall splendor
my children climb up,
reaching for sky, laughter bright
as the blazing orange leaves

Today’s Tanky Thursday prompt was “street.”

Around here, it’s not uncommon for people to rake their leaves into piles in the gutters. The city later comes by and sucks them up. Before they do, though, you have to get in one or two good jumps.

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