New Avenues

I’m always searching for ways to branch out with my writing–or maybe I’m just someone who likes to start a lot of projects and overwork myself until I, inevitably, shut down.

I suspect it’s a little of both.

Regardless of the reason, I’m happy to announce I signed up for a Medium account. The social media network for writers. It seems like a fun place. As most writers know, it can be hard to connect with other people and get them to engage with your writing, so that’s what I’m hoping to gain from Medium.

I don’t have any concrete goals about how often I want to post to Medium. Ideally, I’d like to post every day, but I know it isn’t feasible. I did just start an October art/writing prompt challenge that will keep me busy for a little while. Afterward, who knows? I don’t want to post only poetry and short fiction pieces, so I might cook up some personal stories and listicles too. The point is to write more frequently. I’ve got to build better writing habits, or none of my writing projects will ever be finished.

I’ve already posted a couple of things: A few poems for the October art/writing challenge I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Check out my profile, cheer me on, and follow me. Let’s be friends!

Other ways to support me:

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