Summer Book Buying Ban

Not to be a braggart, but as I’ve been out of work since last March, I’ve read a lot of books. Well, a lot more than I’d read in the past, anyway. 2021 is on track to be my best reading year since 2011–I’ve read 36 books so far. In comparison, in 2018, I read only two books the entire year.

I was a whole mess in 2018. Seriously. It wasn’t pretty. Remember when I said I was almost fired for poor attendance twice? Blame 2018 for that.

Since being out of work, I’ve also bought a lot of books. Upwards of at least 50, but probably closer to 100. I’ve always had a problem hoarding books, but it’s been really bad this year. My TBR list is ridiculously long yet I keep adding books to it. I’m running out of shelf space!

Oh, and my husband and I are going on vacation this July, so I should probably save money where I can.

Obviously, I need to rein myself in, and so, I’m putting myself on a strict book buying ban from June 1st until August 31st. I have over 400 books and I’ve only read 47% of what I own. It’s time to read the other 53%…or get a start on it, at least.

There are two exceptions to my ban. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out!

1. I can only buy books from series I already own.

When I was a young girl, my mom started buying me the Little House books. The Martha Years, Charlotte Years, Caroline Years, the original Little House books, and the Rose Years. I loved them so much and read each of them multiple times. Unfortunately, they went out of print before we could collect them all. Over the years, I’ve been acquiring the ones we missed. It’s a slow process. Usually they’re out of stock OR the prices are jacked up to hundreds of dollars. I’ve only got six to go, so if one of them pops up on thriftbooks dot com, I’m buying it, ban or no.

2. Book of the Month picks.

My second exception is to allow myself to enjoy Book of the Month still, but perhaps I will try to limit myself to only one or zero add-ons. It’s so hard to, though! I can get three hardcovers a for the price of one. And they have some really good titles to choose from.

3. Gift cards!

Exception three is pretty self-explanatory. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, after all. If people give me money to buy books, absolutely, I’m going to spend it!

So…anyone feel like floating some money my way? I have both a Ko-fi and Patreon.

I kid, of course. Mostly.

Well, wish me luck. This is going to be very hard for me. And you, my readers? Do you need to limit your book spending?

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