On the Job Hunt

I admit, now that I’m tasked with finding my first job, the initial excitement of my decision to pursue freelance editing has waned a bit.

No one likes job hunting, least of all me. There’s always a lot of anxiety involved–it’s the nature of the beast. Are there many jobs available? How many am I qualified for? Will anyone be willing to take a chance on me?

For someone like me, a long-time sufferer of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the innate uncertainty of job hunting compounds issues I’ve been trying to overcome for years; it’s hard to remain confident when my brain is working so hard to undermine me.

I am, however, confident in my proofreading and editing abilities. I know I’m capable of helping writers reach their full potential. I wouldn’t have begun this journey if I didn’t think I could see it through to the end.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to completely silence the little voice inside my head telling me I can’t, but I won’t let it dissuade me.

Now that I’ve come to the vast ocean of the writing and editing business, it’s time to cast my fishing lines. With enough skill, determination, and maybe a little luck, hopefully I’ll reel myself in a big fish.

Or even a small fish. I’d be happy with that.

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